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Start Your Day the Right Way in Chattanooga, TN

Visit our juice cafe for a variety of nutritional and delicious juices, smoothies, acai/pitaya bowls, energy bites and more. Our goal is to make refreshingly healthy options available to everyone.

Unlike other local smoothie shops that use powders, sugars, and dairy, we use fresh, natural ingredients to ensure that your smoothie or juice is as nutritious as possible.

Trust us to provide delicious drinks and snacks, such as:

  • Raw juices and smoothies to satisfy your thirst and boost your energy
  • Energy bites to help you feel ready to face the day when you're on the go
  • Açai and pitaya bowls to improve your health"

Whether you want to sit down and enjoy a raw smoothie or grab energy bites to go, we have the food for you in Chattanooga, TN.

Give your body the boost it needs - stop by our juice café today to order refreshingly healthy, guilt-free goodness.

Come On In And Say Hello!

Not only can Kwench Juice Café guarantee that you'll receive a freshly made juice, smoothie or treat, but we can also ensure that you'll be served by a friendly staff. You can count on us to:

  • Create tasty products daily that have no sugar or dairy added
  • Make your juice, smoothie or snack bowl right before your eyes
  • Use fresh produce to make healthy, made-to-order drinks and snacks